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Feel Your Feelings Fool! CD

The Regrettes
Feel Your Feelings Fool! CD


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The most intoxicating draw of The Regrettes is their bashful, heart-on-your-sleeve temperament - writing urgent and fast-paced pop songs with a punk rock mentality. “The way that we write, it’s all based on honesty,” muses Lydia on the group’s punk aesthetic. “If I finish a song, I’ll just leave it - I won’t really go back to it. I like things to feel in the moment and I don’t want it to be perfect. If I work on something too much I lose it and get bored and I want to do the next one..”


01 I Don't Like You
02 A Living Human Girl
03 Hey Now
04 Hot
05 Seashore
06 Juicebox Baby
07 'Til Tomorrow
08 Pale Skin
09 Lacy Loo
10 Head in the Clouds
11 How It Should Be
12 Picture Perfect
13 Bronze
14 Ladylike / WHATTA BITCH
15 You Won't Do